Ticket Questions

All tickets to our events are sold and managed by SEE Tickets.
If you do not have your tickets, please visit www.seetickets.com/customerservice where you can download your tickets directly . Alternatively,  if you do not have your booking reference,  please enter your email address in the forgotten details field on the same page.

If you still need assistance, please contact SEE Tickets – 
0115 896 0062 / www.seetickets.com/customerservice

Contact Us

If you have a question about our events not relating to your ticket purchase, you may find the answer by visiting our FAQ Page.
For anything else, please email our customer service team ask@winterscreens.co.uk
For press enquiries, please contact pr@summerscreens.co.uk
For hire enquiries, please contact hire@summerscreens.co.uk